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Bed Scene Debut EP Review

Bed Scene’s opening track, “Day in a Dream” lyric, “I found a way, to get you closer to my limitless space…” is akin to a feeling of forever longing, a fleeting glow of cigarette ashes recalling and reminiscing the burning hearth of a love once had and celebrated.

Bed Scene, the self-titled debut EP from the musical act performed by Composer/Producer Nick Aponte explores a spectrum of emotions through the echoing of timeless instrumentation. With vocals that tread the tightrope of mellow and melancholy, flashing with a fierceness of flavors defines a unique melody that splashes through an indie pop surface. It holds a vibrance that celebrates the complex emotions that evolve us along the way.

Within each chapter is a portrait of yearning for emotional journeys through unknown frequencies. From “Day in a Dream” to “Videocassette” and all the way to “Final Days”, the debut EP by Bed Scene is about pining, and learning to live and grow through it. It captures the waking feeling of single life– the warmth of memories from our first loves that swirl the circumference of our thoughts with the blurred images of a VCR with a broken tracking switch.

 As sang from the second song, “Easy on the Eyes”- the lyric “love from the machine left me unsatisfied” expresses delight within distortion. The EP from Bed Scene expresses an ambition to live within the awareness of love as seen from the twilight years. Remembering when we lived through the eyes and ears of a child.

The brilliance of Bed Scene is that it travels yet stays in a moment, as if to tell our hearts that it’s not us passing the time, but rather time passing us. Once concluded in full circle, the penultimate track “Colored Noise”–reverberates a calling for the love that outlives us. Bed Scene paints an awakening through prismatic lyricism that speaks to the infinitesimal innocence of true love as if to say, “I’ll be waiting.”.

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About Bed Scene

Bed Scene is a musical act performed by Composer/Producer Nick Aponte. Specializing in vocals and various instruments, Bed Scene brings a wide spectrum of varying ambiences combining psych-pop and indie rock with a timeless yet contemporary dream-like sound.

Aponte is an alumni from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. He has 4 years of professional musical production experience, notably in the field of advertising scoring video commercials. Much of the inspiration of Bed Scene comes from mixing different decades of sound to create a timeless collage through echoing synths of a Mellotron.

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