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Bed Scene is proud to announce the release of self-titled debut EP. Created by Miami Composer/Producer Nicolas Aponte, Bed Scene’s music features sounds inspired by dreamy indie rock and neo-psychedelia.

The EP features six unique tracks, each with an identity and experience of its own that flows in sequence with an emotional harmony. The idea behind this fascinating, curious wanderlust draws from Aponte’s experience in seeking new energies and frontiers through the nostalgic longing about all facets of life’s imperfections. The inspiration for the EP draws from the yearning for alternative experiences to one’s search for happiness, or rather, the muse.

Bed Scene has lauded for the wide array of multi-instrumental elements that span generations, decades, and genres. Inspired by the visceral sounds that meet at the intersection of psychedelic pop and jangly guitar rock, Aponte applies a vast understanding of sound elements, both forgotten and conventional, towards a new, more modern spirit.

The EP is available on all major music retailers and platforms, such as Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud, Tidal and more.

About Bed Scene

Bed Scene is a musical act performed by Composer/Producer Nick Aponte. Specializing
in vocals and various instruments, Bed Scene brings a wide spectrum of varying
ambiences combining psych-pop and indie rock with a timeless yet contemporary
dream-like sound.

Aponte is an alumni from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. He has 4 years of professional musical production experience, notably in the field of advertising scoring video commercials. Much of the inspiration of Bed Scene comes from mixing different decades of sound to create a timeless collage through echoing synths of a Mellotron.

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