Showskii Records to Host Underground Ugly Sweater Party at B-Side, December 14th, 2017

On the edge of Wynwood, within the haze of Allapattah lies the surface of a blossoming underscene where unearthed jewelry sings and dances beneath the newly-lit neon surface.
We celebrate this alternative, eclectic, timeless energy that flows just west of Wynwood this Thursday night with an ugly sweater party to mark the occasion.

This Thursday, December 14th, 2017 Showskii Records will be on the scene at B-Side—the underground venue brainchild of the people who brought you Wood Tavern. B-Side, like the new brilliance of Allapattah, keeps its excellence in simplicity with a damn good dance floor, great sound and lighting, but most importantly the good music that echoes with the timeless individuality that flows deep within the veins of our glowing city.

There will be live music of the psychedelic funk, and rock assortment from three of the trippiest acts Miami has to offer, Pavlov’s Bell, Soft Cricket, and Drawing Bored. So tune in, turn on, and drop out with your friends at Showskii Records who will be rocking out with the corniest threads you could only imagine occupying the far corner of your local thrift store.

This event is open to anyone over 21 with no cover. So bring your friends and the most hideous pullovers possible, we’re talking the turtlenecks that everyone turns away throughout any other time of the year as this will be the last Showskii Records event of 2017. This is your night to be festive amidst the forgotten, so let us have a rage to remember.

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