Photo By: Santiago Felipe

Inside Björk’s Miami Utopia

As your eyes met the staged set of vintage televisions illuminating Björk music videos, you soon found yourself inside an iridescent, psychedelic jungle. The venue was illuminated with blue, red, and gold lights as its rays peeked through foliage hanging from the ceiling. Bjork made her way to us, cheering to the crowd in her glossy, neon pink outfit.

The enchantress began with a lengthy introduction of wildlife sounds collaged with arrhythmical music, consisting of angelic choirs and foreign chants. She prepared us to experience a sonic voyage engaging the audience to listen all while the suspense cultivated. The serene presence was shifted into hard-hitting kick drums, your body absorbing the sub-frequency bass that demanded body movement.

From melodically driven ambient pieces to hard-style and hip-hop remixes, Bjork expressed her musical tastes in cutting between ethnic strings and alien percussion to rhythm and poetry. Recognizable songs by Kate Bush (My Lagan Love) were featured in the mix along with what sounded like Death Grips as well as her twist to Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money”- just to name a few. Björk’s unorthodox approach to spinning tracks was a refreshing and interesting experience to witness at her first Miami appearance.

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Photos by: Santiago Felipe

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