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Dark Basel Executes A Night of Wicked Delights

A feeling of exclusivity was the first thing that came to mind when arriving at The Ground. An entrance that looked like an underground subway station and a neon colored installation welcomed the the dark party. A space only illuminated by red lights reflected off the latex of peoples clothing, celebrating the culture like an upside-down prom.

The music began with the duo Laboratory. Deafening growls of distorted bass and a wall of sound. Ghostly melodies coming from a Theramin over impacting, industrial rhythms filled the sonic soundscape. Sci-Fi Affair followed with a series of fast paced, erratic songs that bounced from aggressive pop to scream-filled, techno terror. Hailing all the way from Berlin, Germany, Bestial Mouths opened with shrilling ambience that slowly evolved into an amalgam of vicious synths and drums under vocals reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux. A change of mood, Astari Nite introduced themselves different from the rest. Their music was melodically rich with a voice of deep mournfulness and lorn. A recollection to the golden age of the 80s dark wave.

A refreshing performance from VOWWS followed, delivering a captivating performance. Their music was excitingly original. Elements of goth and industrial are present but also fragments of melodic rock and pop can be heard. Their choice of vocal melodies over the cutting, distorted guitar riffs and synths made for a truly unique sound.

After VOWWS’ performance, the stage was cleared. A black, leather ottoman was placed in the center of stage. Val Vampyre introduced herself in black latex and danced a lustfully choreographed strip tease, only to withdraw a Too Much Love tapestry from her loins. 3Teeth then closed off the night with a surprise DJ set and concluded the night with an intense, bass crushing farewell.

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