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Jolt Radio announces dates and lineup for 7th anniversary celebration

On September 30th, get ready for Bands, DJs, Vendors, Workshops, Food & Drinks, and more!

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For this occasion, Jolt Radio has decided to remind Miami for what it really stands for: Music, no matter from where or when!

The event will take place at Gramps, in the Wynwood Arts District, Miami. Gramps has a long history of collaboration with the radio station, and embraces Jolt Radios’ multi-cultural, multi-genre musical stance with open arms.

To bring the Jolt Radio spirit to Wynwood, an amazing list of musical acts have been brought on board, everything from electronic to experimental, from rock to acoustic, from solo acts to full bands. Please find the flyer below for full lineup.
In addition to the live acts, a full contingent of professional DJs and some fabulous Drag Queens will be taking over the event when the bands are not playing, keeping the music going for each and all.  

The event will have 3 areas, each with it’s own lineup and schedule, to allow for maximum diversity and fun. The aim of this celebration is to make adult music lovers feel like children again, running around trying to see and hear everything, not miss anything.

Starting off the day, Jolt Radio will jump over to Gramps, and broadcast from there a selection of its most popular talk shows, starting at 3pm. Each show will have half an hour, before the music begins at 6pm! During the evening there will be several non musical activities to partake in, such as a screening of the Sound Waves Show, of which Jolt Radio is a producer. Also there will be a Synthesizer Workshop, hosted by 3Rev, a host on Jolt Radio. Guests will be able to play, experiment and learn about electronic methods to produce music, all the time monitored and helped when needed by 3Rev himself. 

In addition to the entertainment, there will also be vendors, food stands and giveaways by various brands and liquors. On a special note, there will also be multiple raffles throughout the event, with prizes ranging from vinyl records to gift cards for tattoo shops, art and more. All proceeds from these raffles will be donated to the research of Cystic Fibrosis, in an effort that our good times help people breathe again.

About Jolt Radio
Jolt Radio is an online radio station focused on getting good music to your ears. We support local, national, and international independent artists and producers. The radio is also an outlet to dozens of creative and outspoken local acts, embracing diversity and originality as the guidelines for the radio shows.
Jolt Radio has currently over 50 original shows, ranging from talk shows, music shows, speciality shows, and even guided meditations!
Founded by John Caignet in 2010, the station evolved from a music only channel to a staple in the Miami creative culture. Tune in any time on, were you can also find a listing of the shows and when they air.

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