Raker brings the Miami groove with “Gospel”

Miami’s indie rock duo RAKER released the video for their track “Gospel”, a colorful video featuring dancer Giordan Cruz and directed by Kim Avendano. The video shows superposed scenes of the duo playing over scenes of the dancer, to a great visual effect. Raker is composed of Mike Sarasti and Andy Rodriguez who play guitar and bass respectively and share duties on songwriting and programing.

“Sometimes, certain people think they have more power over you than they do. These people spin lies, manipulate, try to stir and then exploit confusion. “Gospel” is about facing that, not standing idly by. The spinster in this story doesn’t win in the end,” shares Mike about the song. The track’s core groove is defined by a series of looped, overlapping bass lines, with drums, guitars and synths adding color and texture to the music supporting the vocals.  

Although this single is along the lines of tropical Synth-Pop (a style that is now rising in prominence in the Miami and South Florida area), the band generally plays indie rock, with escapades into electronica and alternative soul.


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