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3 Days In Miami is a series of music events taking place at 1306, February 23-25th, 2017 presented by Red Bull Sound Select.

On February 23rd, 2017, Toronto based act-Bernice opened up the night with a dreamy palette of electronic percussion and all-embracing bass under beautiful, often harmonized vocal melodies. An intimate performance, Bernice set the timbre for the accompanying acts to follow.

Charlotte Day Wilson continued the soulful affectation for the night. Her crooning style, reminiscent of R&B jams fit her experimental interpretation of modern electronic production. Her impressive performance peaked midway once she took a pause from singing and played a grand saxophone solo, proving her musicianship even further. She, along with her band, successfully and dynamically carried the set until the end of her set. By this point, the event was sold out and there were enough people to make me feel like a sardine in a tin box.

Everyone was excitedly waiting for Angel Olsen to take the stage, anxious for her to begin. Olsen and her band of 5 started strong with notable songs off her latest 2016 album “MY WOMAN”. The American singer-songwriter has been on the come-up in the indie folk genre for the past year and is still progressing, demonstrating her abilities as a prominent artist. There is an antique air to Angel Olsen’s music that transports you back to a time you may have forgotten but never lost. Her voice is filled with such longing that it lends itself to sentiments of lovelorn and heartache. However, her songs are anything but just nostalgic. Heavily reverberating and energetic, the set was filled with intense ’wall of sound’ moments that often felt like shoe-gaze interludes. Olsen’s performance left me speechless beyond words.

Written content by: Nicolas Aponte
Photography by: Alba Rubio

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